Why Us?

Lead generation agencies are interested in one thing only. 

Your money. We’d rather focus on your success.

How Are Revenue Spark Different?

We realise the industry needs to change. It needs to evolve. How can a lead generation agency book highly desirable meetings with your target audience, when they don't necessarily understand your product/service?

We spoke to countless Sales Directors, Marketing Directors, BDMs, Account Managers and other members across sales departments to understand their struggles.

Certainty & Consistency

To ensure certainty it's vital that a business is engaged with their prospect once initial conversations are taking place, especially when engaging back and forth via email or LinkedIn.

Consistency is extremely hard to achieve if being ran with a manual process. Things change, plans go out the window.

We implement an outreach system that is bespoke for each client, tailored to your specific needs. Easy to manage, easy to maintain and most important of all, easy to drive results.

What's Best For You?

This can only be answered once we have a true understanding of your requirements.

Outreach Systems - A complete bespoke system installed to your requirements, with full tech setup, onboarding and support. Includes a one time setup fee and optional subscription based monthly support

Lead Generation - You're not ready to take over a system, but your pipeline needs attention. We've got you covered.

Done For You - We take care of the entire process, from sourcing leads, writing copy, setting up and managing campaigns. On a Pay Per Qualified Meeting Basis or Revenue Share

Done With You - As our Done For You Package, the only difference is you respond to all replies generated - meaning no additional fees for booked meetings!

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Client’s Testimonial


"We were struggling to reach the desired volume with our small team - Revenue Spark's system is incredible value for money. We've managed to already cover the cost of the service within the first 2 months of operating"

Noel McGrath


"Our sales team have always struggled with consistency - this has massively impacted our financial goals with unpredictable months. The fact we are now addressing this is a huge benefit"

Shaz Talia


“Our account managers need to be able to focus on our existing clients - Revenue Spark allows us the time to look after existing clients, whilst looking for new opportunities”

Shaw Cross


Revenue Spark help B2B companies scale the productivity of their sales teams