Onshore Technical Recruitment

The Brief

Onshore Recruitment had 2 key issues that needed resolving. Being a remote team of consultants it was extremely difficult to track progress and keep up with consistent out reach. They were looking to have their entire process streamlined, so that outreach was performed consistently on a daily basis across LinkedIn, Email & Phone.

Our Solution

The first issue to resolve was the lack of data being available, so we introduced a CRM system and took care of the installation process and onboarding of all existing clients and those who were in the pipeline. We then created an outreach system comprising of Email and LinkedIn outreach, whilst sourcing the ideal data sources. Due to the nature of the energy market and positions being available, we then setup an automated process to scrap job boards such as Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, Linkedin & Workable. These insights are invaluable to the outreach process, allowing the team to mention the roles relevant to key stake holders, creating frequent opportunities

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