The Brief

Outreach has been the biggest issue for Flow, having spoken to the founder Jamie we established that he struggled to source the right data and had no strategy in place. We were tasked to identify the best possible datasets available, install a system and process that was easy to manage and maintain all whilst being able to exist within his current setup

Our Solution

Identifying the correct data was our first logical step, without that data it’s impossible to identify the best outreach strategy. Once we had resolved the data issue we carried out some analysis to understand what data was valid and what data was old and not relevant. We then split the data accordingly. With the dataset in mind we were then able to install 3 outreach solutions that are able to be automated on a 24/7 basis, allowing Flow the time and freedom to focus on existing clients. As part of our management service, Revenue Spark are dealing with all responses generated from the campaigns and ensure any meetings generated are valid and meet specific set requirements

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