Stop Wasting Money On Retainers

It’s Time To Revolutionise Lead Generation

No Fluff, No Bull

Are You Happy With Your Sales Pipeline?

Let’s face it, you can never have enough work.

 We’ve all been there, waiting for something to tip over the line to make the month. Knowing we’ve got that one deal that’s going to take us through target – it’s a guaranteed sure thing.

You know what happens next. It doesn’t happen. It drags on. Someone on your sales team tells you it’s still there, it’s still for the taking. It’s just going to take a little longer. Then a little longer still. Until you pick up the phone yourself to chase it up, only to find out the deal was lost to a competitor months ago – why wasn’t the bloody CRM updated?

Never, ever, ever rely on your existing pipeline – always focus on building new opportunities

Why Revenue Spark?

How We work



We conduct a review of your current strategies and identify potential areas of improvement



We install a complete framework for your new outreach systems - including new software and copy



We provide a completely bespoke walk-thru tailored to your business - including all videos and PDF guides



Once training has been completed, we continue to work alongside you for 30 days to ensure a smooth handover process

What This Means



Quadruple your sales teams output with no additional effort required



We build out the entire framework for you to automate outreach campaigns



Personalised video content in bulk for higher engagement



No need to rely on 3rd party lead generation agencies on a monthly retainer



Systems and processes to ensure a steady, healthy sales pipeline



Full training provided along with additional support where required

“Providing your sales teams with the right tools is essential to ensure continued success and growth in 2023”

Founder - Tom F

Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on the size of your existing sales team and the capacity you wish to operate

We empower you and your teams to take actionable steps to achieve results. No more false promises by lead gen agencies who book poor quality meetings that you have to pay for. You are in full control

What have you got to lose? We’ll explain the entire process, the strategies used, how it works and more importantly why it works. Then, you’re more than welcome to take what we’ve told you and implement yourself. Or you can simply ask us for the invoice and let us get to work

Don't just take out word for it

Words from our Customers

Revenue Spark have been a revolution, they have helped create a streamlined process that I can manage efficiently on a daily basis that has generated frequent opportunities

Founder - Jamie

Revenue Spark help B2B companies scale the productivity of their sales teams